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2024 National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Awards

The NAM presents awards annually to recognize singular individuals in the fields of health, medicine, and science.  The 2024 nomination period opens on January 16 and closes on May 15.  All nominations must be submitted online by the deadline of 5/15/2024 11:59 PM PT.  To submit a nomination click on the “Start Application” link above and submit prior to the deadline.


The Rhoda and Bernard Sarnat International Prize in Mental Health recognizes individuals, groups, or organizations for outstanding achievement in improving mental health. 



The Gustav O. Lienhard Award for Advancement of Health Care recognizes outstanding achievement in improving health care services in the United States. 



The David and Beatrix Hamburg Award for Advances in Biomedical Research and Clinical Medicine recognizes creative and accomplished biomedical scientists who are advancing health and the human condition around the world. 


Member and Staff Awards - The NAM presents awards annually to members and staff whose service to the mission of the NAM and the National Academies has been especially distinguished.  The 2024 NAM Member Awards will be presented during the NAM Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, October 19-21, 2024.


The Walsh McDermott Medal recognizes an NAM member for distinguished service to the NAM and the Academies over an extended period of time.



The Adam Yarmolinsky Medal is awarded to an NAM member from a discipline outside the health and medical sciences.



The David Rall Medal is awarded to an NAM member  who has demonstrated particularly distinguished leadership as a chair of a study committee or other activity. 



The Cecil Award recognizes a current or former staff member for outstanding, sustained contributions to programs or membership activities.



For more information, please contact nammbr@nas.edu